Sports!!! This very word, just by its presence, rejuvenates us with energy and excitement. It adds life to our lives. It fulfills our life with discipline, fighting spirit, joy of winning and learning from losing. Sports makes us physically and mentally fit.

Today, Technology has made a huge impact in our lives. The world has become more competitive and it’s time to understand the need to involve sports scientists, psychologists, nutritionists.

Sports is such an industry which never discriminates among people based on their caste, creed, colour, country or religion etc. We can see various global sports events based on age, gender and even for under/specially privileged people too. Players from 8 years of age to 68 (or even more) years of age can take part in their respective category of any sport to show their calibre. Everyone gets the same platform. So sports always unite and never divide.

SAM Games aspires to prepare & promote players for various sports events conducted at District, State, Zone, National & International levels.

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Ravi Tripathie